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The Energy Corporation of New South Wales (EnergyCo) will launch a procurement process to identify battery developers and a location for the planned Waratah Super Battery.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) will open on 4 April, and will close on 2 May. 

To ensure New South Wales has reliable energy supply following the closure of the Eraring Power Station, the State Government will install a 700MW standby network battery, the Waratah Super Battery, dedicated to supporting the transmission grid.

EnergyCo will hold a virtual Market Forum on 31 March to provide interested parties with an overview of the project and the competitive battery developer procurement process. 

This process is distinct from, and separate to, the various renewable energy zone procurement processes that EnergyCo is undertaking. Register your interest in the Market Forum here.

The procurement process timeline is:

  • 31 March Market Forum
  • 1 April Deadline for registrations to receive the EOI
  • 4 April EOI issued to registered parties
  • 2 May EOI submission deadline
  • June – July 2022 Invitation to Tender
  • August – October 2022 Tender evaluation
  • November 2022 Award and contract

Parties who would like to register to receive the EOI document are requested to provide the following information to EnergyCo via email by 4pm Friday 1 April:


Subject line: Registration to receive Waratah Super Battery EOI

Email content:

  1. Name of organisation
  2. Organisation summary (insert brief bullet point summary of organisation capability/why you are requesting this EOI)
  3. Contact details (insert name, phone number and email address of at least one person to whom the EOI document should be sent)

The Waratah Super Battery will be the largest standby network battery in the Southern Hemisphere, and together with other minor transmission upgrades, it will allow Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong consumers to access more energy from existing electricity generation.

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