As part of SA Water’s ongoing commitment to support future residential and industry growth in Port Lincoln, a $5 million upgrade of the local sewer network around the Marina will soon begin.

Beginning in May 2018, SA Water will be installing approximately four kilometres of new sewer main along Wingard Terrace, Marina Drive and St Andrews Drive.

The Port Lincoln Wastewater Network (WWN) currently consists of 143km of sewer pipelines and 20 sewer pumping stations that transport waste to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) at Billy Lights Point. Growth in the Port Lincoln catchment has led to an increased demand on the WWN and WWTP.

SA Water’s General Manager of Asset Operations and Delivery, Mark Gobbie, said the new mains would build extra capacity into a tight area of the network.

“The Port Lincoln wastewater network has 143km of sewer main with 20 sewer pumping stations helping send the sewage towards the treatment plant,” Mr Gobbie said.

“With five of those pump stations currently pushing sewage into one large main, the addition of the new sewer main will overcome existing capacity limitations and set the network up for future growth.

“Port Lincoln has a large sewer network which services a variety of customers including residential, small business and major commercial enterprises. It’s important we can continue to transport sewage from these customers safely and reliably.”

Construction will be led by South Australian company S.E.M. Utilities, with support from local contractors, and is expected to be complete by October 2018.

SA Water will continue to work closely with local stakeholders including the City of Port Lincoln on additional planned sewer network upgrades in the area, including within the wastewater treatment plant site. 



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