Engineering company RCR Tomlinson has awarded a water technology company the supply contract for a wastewater treatment plant clarifier upgrade in Western Australia.

Evoqua Water Technologies won the contract to replace old equipment, and will use advancements in modern clarifier design to increase treatment capacity at the wastewater plant.

RCR Tomlinson, who is responsible for various upgrade projects at the site, said it selected Evoqua Water Technologies for the clarifier upgrades based on the company’s proven technologies, technical expertise, and CFD modelling capabilities.

Evoqua’s Municipal Products and Services division will replace the full suite of internal components for all twelve 18m diameter secondary clarifiers including bridges, baffles, scum collection and sludge withdrawal.

A key improvement to each clarifier will be the addition of the FEDWA Baffle system, an energy dissipating inlet designed to reduce flow velocities and improve flocculation for greater settling efficiency and increased treatment capacity.

Lauren Cella



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