The towns of Bargo and Buxton in NSW are set to receive an upgraded wastewater service this year, under Sydney Water’s Priority Sewerage Program.

Bargo and Buxton will receive a pressure sewerage system that works by collecting wastewater in a small tank installed on each property.

Wastewater will then be transferred via a 14km transfer main to the existing wastewater system in Tahmoor. The transfer main will be constructed using a combination of drilling and trenching.

UEA has been contracted to perform the horizontal directional drilling works associated with the transfer pipeline and will install a total of 18 underbores. Six minor HDD’s ranging in length from 106m – 151m will be completed with a DitchWitch AT3020, with the remaining 12 major HDD’s, ranging in length from 454m – 1006m, to be completed with Vermeer D100x120’s and D300x500.

Construction of the transfer pipeline commenced in February, and completion of drilling and trenching is expected by September 2014. In order to deliver the program of works within the required timeframe, UEA will mobilise a minimum of three HDD rigs and support equipment.

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