Water Corporation has announced that they will not progress their plan to release brine produced from small portable desalination units at the Denmark Water Treatment Plant (WA) into the ocean at Perkins Beach, Torbay.

The units are being installed to help to secure Denmark’s water supply during an exceptionally dry period.
Representatives from the Water Corporation met with local residents last week and listened to their concerns about the proposal. Given the range of concerns raised, it will now look for an alternative option for brine disposal.

Water Corporation’s investigations identified Perkins Beach as the most sustainable disposal option from an environmental perspective. However it acknowledges that it underestimated the social aspects of the proposal and apologises to the community for causing any alarm.

Other options for brine disposal will now be further considered, and the Corporation will make a decision by the end of this week. It will look at a range of options including transporting the brine to existing ocean outfall pipes at one of its large-scale desalination plants.

Water Corporation remains committed to working with, and listening to the concerns of the Great Southern community while it further progresses it’s short and long-term solutions to secure Denmark’s water supply.

Denmark experienced its second driest year on record in 2014, resulting in significantly lower levels in its drinking water dams.

To increase drinking water supplies available, portable desalination units will be used to desalinate water from the Denmark River Dam, which has higher salinity levels, before it mixes with water from the Quickup Dam.

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