Quantum Filtration Medium has announced a first pilot trial for Municipal Water Works in Vietnam of its DMI-65® water filtration media, with the trial to take place in Vietnam in late 2019 at the Binh Dinh Municipal Water Works (MWW).

DMI-65®, which has been used extensively in a wide variety of applications for over 15 years, is an extremely powerful catalytic water filtration media that is designed for the removal of iron and manganese in water, without the need for potassium permanganate or chemical regeneration.

DMI-65® The unique microporous structure of DMI-65® efficiently removes dissolved iron to almost undetectable levels – as low as 0.001ppm and manganese to 0.001ppm. DMI-65®
acts as an oxidation catalyst with immediate oxidation and filtration of the insoluble precipitates derived from this oxidation reaction. DMI-65® can also remove arsenic, aluminium and other heavy metals, as well as hydrogen sulfide under certain conditions.

The material is part of the broad category of products deriving their physical and chemical action from the interaction of their metal oxide surface with the water molecules and ions in solution.

The Pilot Trial

The Binh Dinh MWW pilot trial is the latest opportunity for Quantum Filtration Medium to showcase the efficacy of DMI-65®, with the Binh Dinh MWW not only in continuous operation, but also processing over 30,000 m3 water per day, and with elemental iron (Fe 1mg/L) and manganese (Mn 2mg/L) present in the raw ground water in 14 of the local wells.

The pilot trial will see a 600mm filter filled with 413kg of DMI-65®, which will allow for a 1000mm bed depth. Processing 25L/s, the test pilot filter will process at a speed of 5.3 m3/m2/hour, replicating the speed of the Binh Dinh MWW.

The benefits

DMI-65® was selected for the pilot trial due to its ability to simultaneously remove the raw water iron and manganese concentrations to less than 0.3mg/L, which – when implemented at Binh Dinh MWW – will make the water from all 14 wells suitable and safe to drink.

One of the other significant benefits the pilot trial will demonstrate is the reduction in poly aluminium chloride (PAC) dosing, as DMI-65® has a high tolerance for total suspended solids and can mechanically retain suspended solids in the filter bed. These can then be released to waste during backwash.

While chlorine gas (CI2) will be used in the feed water and backwash water to keep the DMI-65® in good condition and clean from iron and manganese biofouling, it requires no chemical regeneration and will last up to ten years in continuous operation. This is because the media is made with infusion technology and not just a surface coating technology (unlike other catalytic water filtration media).

“The DMI-65® is a very low cost, high-performance method of removing elemental iron, manganese and suspended solids. The DMI-65® allows for optimisation of chemicals used, reducing operating costs while improving water quality and output, with minimal changes to the existing plant and Binh Dinh,” James Glaskin, General Manager at Quantum Filtration Medium, said.

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