South East Water has announced the contractors for its Pipes and Structures Program.
Comdain Infrastructure, along with join venture partners Downer EDI and MWH Australia will be required to deliver up to $400 million of infrastructure projects over an initial 5 year term.

Comdain and its joint venture partners were appointed to the Panel following a comprehensive and competitive market tender process and bring with them extensive knowledge and experience in designing and delivering capital works programs on Australian and International water and wastewater infrastructure.

Comdain General Manager for Civil and Program Manager for the joint venture, Simon Maher said: “We are excited about the opportunity to work collaboratively with South East Water and the collective experience that this joint venture brings will showcase our innovation and expertise in constructing complex infrastructure.”

The joint venture is committed to partnering with South East Water to deliver innovation and improvements in the delivery of water services to customers in its network distribution area and to enhance South East Water’s reputation.

The commercial framework adopted provides a collaborative working relationship as it aligns the risk of the parties, supports cost transparency for South East Water whilst delivering quality construction services to South East Water’s assets. A key performance indicator structure has been designed to incentivise the joint venture partner’s continuous improvement philosophy.

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