TRILITY is a national water utility company with a significant asset base across metropolitan and rural Victoria and a focus on building on this investment in a State where innovation and customer service are critical elements for success.

Water is TRILITY’s core business across regional and metropolitan Australia and New Zealand, where the company continues to grow its footprint and offer every type of industry service and water management solution – including treatment, reuse, irrigation schemes, asset management, finance, and design and construct.

This expertise is exemplified in the range of assets under management and services delivered across Victoria, where TRILITY’s presence spans the delivery of water treatment and irrigation facilities in rural areas such as the Campaspe region and Grampians Wimmera Mallee in Western Victoria, while also delivering innovative services in Melbourne’s north and the Geelong Barwon region.

“The makeup of our Victorian operations clearly demonstrates the broad range of TRILITY’s capability and also our capacity to deliver services,” said TRILITY Managing Director Francois Gouws.

“From biosolids management at Barwon Water, water treatment at Yan Yean, wastewater treatment in Echuca and a leading edge irrigation scheme in Cranbourne, our footprint covers the breadth of Victoria.

“It incorporates significant activities in metropolitan regions where our customers include the major water utilities and irrigators seeking to extract value with every drop they use.”

However, the service TRILITY delivers for corporate, municipal and government clients as well as partners is much more than bricks and mortar; it’s about a team of talented professionals establishing and enforcing best practice where needed.

This is perhaps best illustrated by the activities of the company’s water quality team, which operates across all TRILITY facilities, assessing and continuously improving water quality performance and systems.

TRILITY’s team incorporates the work of talented process and support engineers who monitor the company’s network of national drinking and recycled water operations and ensure standards are met in line with an integrated water quality management system.

TRILITY’s expertise has evolved since 1991, and today Mitsubishi Corporation and a consortium of partners have underpinned the company’s expansion to a level where it operates and maintains more than 42 plants/ schemes with a combined capacity of over 1.8GL/d.

Behind this growth lies the expertise and leadership of more than 230 employees within the TRILITY Group Pty Ltd, operating out of offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, as well as regional locations in most states.

Today, the company manages the largest private utility irrigation networks in regional Victoria and South Australia. It delivers a range of complex services in these states, as well as Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales that includes:

  • 24 water treatment plants and desalination plants
  • 15 wastewater treatment and reuse plants/schemes
  • Two Irrigation schemes covering 212km
  • Biosolids facility capable of producing up to 60,000 tonnes/year.

TRILITY’s depth of expertise also incorporates the services of Hydramet, which operates on an independent level across more than 600 sites in Australia servicing:

  • 253 potable water treatment plants
  • 49 process water treatment plants
  • 37 wastewater treatment plants
  • Five desalination plants
  • Five irrigation schemes
  • Three re­use schemes.

Hydramet has built its reputation since 1989 on the delivery of gas chlorination and chemical dosing system design, development, manufacture, installation and service.

Today, its expertise also encompasses a wider range of water treatment technologies including reverse osmosis, electro-chlorination, filtration and electro­dialysis reversal.

Hydramet has also developed its own proprietary products to provide bespoke water treatment solutions for a range of corporate and government clients.

TRILITY’s operations and maintenance offering is built on its ability to work in collaboration with clients to manage, maintain and operate water and wastewater services to urban and regional customers.

“Our clients are planning for the community’s future demands and expect reliable, sustainable and efficient water, wastewater and reuse water solutions delivered across networks,” Mr. Gouws said.

The company’s capability includes implementing or working with established SCADA control systems, utility services, laboratory testing, billing and customer service.

“Our expertise flows from being the operator of water treatment plants around Australia and delivering an in­house expertise that offers low cost solutions that ensures clients’ needs are met,” Mr. Gouws said.


Asset management is a core capability for TRILITY, underpinning every operation and providing the strategic and tactical lead for asset management, maintenance management, asset renewal delivery and operations technology (OT).

The asset management team applies systems and processes on operational projects every day and delivers results in short timeframes that have successfully passed the scrutiny of regulators in three states, including Victoria.

The recent addition of OT resources into this team is furthering the delivery of numerous innovative solutions for TRILITY.

“We understand that value can be created from scale,” Mr. Gouws said. “Bigger water infrastructure assets and larger markets generate better returns while controlling multiple assets saves money and valuable resources.”

By contrast, the company’s multidisciplinary design and construct services for water, wastewater treatment and recycled water schemes in the municipal, resource, energy, industrial and environmental sectors ensures an approach that is bespoke for each client.

“As a water constructor that owns and operates many assets, we provide more than construction expertise,” Mr Gouws said.

“We have in­house detailed design engineers covering all mechanical, process, electrical and Instrumentation Control and Automation (ICA) disciplines, construction managers and commissioning resources, allowing us to both incorporate lessons learned on previous projects and build on evolving ideas on how to deliver efficiencies across new projects.”

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