A $49.5M Royalties for Regions grant is set to improve the water recycling facilities of  Karratha (WA).

WA Water Minister Mia Davies said $7.58M of the funding would be used to construct more than eight kilometres of pipeline to replace and extend an existing pipeline operated by the Shire of Roebourne.

A further $42M of Royalties for Regions funding will go towards upgrading the Karratha Wastewater Treatment Plant and its recycling facilities, with the Water Corporation contributing the remaining funds to the $180M project.

Ms Davies said the new pipeline would mean that areas currently using approximately 600,000 kilolitres of drinking water will in future be able to use recycled water.

“Water from Karratha’s wastewater treatment plant is treated and used to irrigate public open spaces, ovals and schools. The expansion of water recycling is a great way to maximise the use of this valuable resource,” she said.

Improvement works at Karratha’s wastewater treatment plant will include increasing the plant’s capacity to treat 10 megalitres of wastewater per day, a new evaporation and infiltration system, increasing capacity of the waste water pipe system and upgrading and increasing capacity at the Searipple Road and Balmoral Road pump stations.

Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said the projects would greatly benefit the Karratha community by supporting further land developments and improving community amenities.

“Development of the town has created additional public open space and this recycled water scheme will keep these areas green for community use.  Ensuring that the necessary water infrastructure is in place to maintain and create sustainable public spaces is a key part of the vision of the Pilbara Cities initiative,” Mr Redman said.

Drinking water supplies will be expanded and wastewater treatment plants upgraded as part of $104.4M worth of Royalties for Regions-funded upgrades to Pilbara essential water services.


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