Upgrade works at the Greenvale Reservoir have been completed, helping to secure future water supply for more than one million people in Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs.

The reservoir can treat and supply more than 200 ML of water per day, enough to service 1.2 million residents from Roxburgh Park and Broadmeadows right through the western suburbs and down to Geelong.

Melbourne Water Engagement Advisor, Emma Wiggan, said upgrades at the dam have increased safety and will allow water to be treated more quickly at the site.

“Suburbs have built up around the reservoir in the last 15 years and we need to be prepared for continued population growth in Melbourne’s north and west,” Ms Wiggan said.

“On high demand days during summer we can supply enough water from the Greenvale Reservoir to meet the needs of 1.2 million people.

“As part of the upgrade works, we have strengthened the dam walls to ensure the top layer of the walls can continue to play their role in containing the large amount of water going through the reservoir each day.

“The treatment facility on the site has also been modernised to provide the safest and best way to ensure the water at Greenvale is of the highest standard before it goes out to residents,” Ms Wiggan said.

“This upgrade has incorporated modern techniques such as use of sodium hypochlorite to disinfect the water and make sure it is safe for drinking.

“The Greenvale Reservoir is now Melbourne Water’s flagship sodium hypochlorite plant as part of work to meet future demand for water.”

Ms Wiggan said the Greenvale Reservoir is a key part of Melbourne’s water supply system.

“Greenvale is a key secondary treatment plant that takes water from the Winneke Treatment Plant in Brooklyn and Silvan Reservoir in the Dandenong.

“Once the water gets to Greenvale it undergoes a second round of treatment and is then supplied to residents.

“A new sodium hypochlorite plant at the dam has been built after feedback from the community regarding colour, and the location was selected to reduce any impact on the views of residents living close by.

“As a result of the upgrade works the dam is safer for both residents and our staff,” Ms Wiggan said.

“Importantly, we were also able to keep supply going through the upgrade works and we are now well prepared to continue meeting increased demands in the future.”

Elisa is an experienced industry journalist and is a regular contributor to a range of energy and infrastructure titles. She has a unique knack for quickly finding the angle in any story her audience is most interested in learning more about.


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