Construction of a $2.7million new water main project at Cable Beach (WA) is currently underway. WA Water Minister, Mia Davies, says the project forms part of a suite of water supply upgrades for Broome with more than $20 million invested over the past three years.

The West Australian State Government upgrades to Broome’s water supply continue with, “The Water Corporation installing a 1.5 kilometre section of water main between Fairway Drive and Coucal Street, to improve the water supply to the areas of Cable Beach and Roebuck Estate,”said Ms Davies.

“Work on the water main is expected to be completed by about July 2015 and is the latest in a suite of projects to cater for long-term growth.”

The Minister said the State Government, through the corporation, had completed a $6.9 million project in early May to upgrade the borefield which supplied Broome with water.

“The borefield expanded by 4.5 million litres a day by installing three new groundwater bores, which will boost drinking water supplies to ensure peak demand can be met,” said Ms Davies.

The corporation also plans to use solar energy for the first time to help power the pumps at the borefield and has called for expressions of interest from organisations with experience in off-grid hybrid power supply.  If successful in Broome, solar power could be used at other borefield pumps across the state.

Late last year a new $3.8 million water main was installed along Broome’s Port Drive to connect the port and Light Industrial Area (LIA) to the storage tank at Blackman Street.  The new 3.5km main will improve the reliability and pressure of the water supply to the port and LIA.

“These projects ensure water supplies and infrastructure cater for growth, helping Broome continue to prosper as a top tourist destination and a major regional commercial and administrative centre,” said Ms Davies.

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