Unitywater is currently testing its water network across QLD to continue delivering safe and reliable water supply, reduce water losses and defer expensive network upgrades.

The planned maintenance will involve Unitywater crews inspecting the valves in the water network during the day and testing water pressure at night.

Unitywater Executive Manager Infrastructure Services Division, Glen Babington said that proactively maintaining the water network by testing for leaks and confirming pressure levels across the network is important in reducing costs and protecting the environment.

“Testing and maintaining our water network helps minimise the water lost through undetectable leaks and helps to prevent burst water mains, which means fewer interruptions to our customers’ water supply,” Mr Babington said.

“Through this testing we are proactively looking at keeping bills as low as possible for our customers,” he said.

Mr Babington said Unitywater did not anticipate any water quality issues as a result of the testing, however when working with any underground assets there can be unknown factors that may impact the work.

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