The Northern Territory Government will fund an $11million upgrade to water systems across 12 Territory schools using its $100million ‘Boosting Our Economy’ package.

Northern Territory Minister for Education, Peter Chandler, said the investment in water system upgrades to school facilities across the Territory will enhance the environmental conditions for the school community.

“The Boosting Our Economy package is designed to create immediate job opportunities for local businesses, providing a sustained pipeline of works,” Mr Chandler said.

“The education projects have already been identified by schools and school councils as current priorities and are what the school community need now to improve the learning environment for Territory students.

“Upgrades to the water systems involve changes to existing water pipes and new irrigation for the entire school grounds.

“This will not only improve the environmental status of the school, but will provide long term cost savings and ensure a safe external space for our students and for the local community that also use these facilities for after-hours activities.”

Deputy Chief Minister and Member for Sanderson, Peter Styles, said the $100million Boosting Our Economy package is in addition to the record $1.5billion infrastructure spend in this year’s Budget.

“This package is designed to help keep businesses running until the capital spending in next year’s Budget starts to flow into the economy,” Mr Styles said.

“We have done this because the Government is aware some sections of our economy are experiencing slow times and we know from listening to business that building trades especially are experiencing a lull.

“This will help ensure our tradies have the work available to remain working and living in the Territory.

“The works occurring at Sanderson Middle School and other schools across the Territory will also enhance the learning environment for students, cater for future growth and provide benefits for the entire school community.”

Sanderson Middle School is receiving $1.2million to upgrade fire and portable water pipes including irrigation for the entire school. Additional works at the school include $800,000 to install new lights on its oval.

Sanderson Middle School principal, Liz Veel said, “The infrastructure upgrades have already been identified by the school council, and will provide our students with revitalised learning environments.”

Mr Chandler said, “It is fantastic to see the support from local school communities for the Boosting Our Economy package and I look forward to seeing the outcome of the works in the near future.”

“As Minister for Education, I am pleased to be part of a government that is not only creating jobs for local businesses through this package, but also enhancing Territory schools to provide the best possible education facilities for young Territorians.”

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