Water Corporation is utilising virtual reality technology to simulate how water and wastewater infrastructure will function prior to construction.

Traditionally, design drawings are reviewed in a two-dimensional format, however, Water Corporation now converts designs into three-dimensional virtual reality.

The corporation recently used virtual reality to allow operators at its Northam office to experience in 3D the design of wastewater recycling plants at Kellerberrin and Wyalkatchem.

The operators were able to provide feedback to improve the design from an occupational health and safety perspective.

Minister for Water, and Innovation and ICT, Dave Kelly, said while the technology is not new, the way it is being used for this purpose is.

“Creating a virtual reality model of a design allows workers to ‘walk through’ a new asset, which helps to identify potential safety concerns or faults, while still in the design phase,” Mr Kelly said.

“This is a big step forward in the way the Water Corporation can improve engineering to eliminate potential safety issues during the design process, which saves time and money.

“As also the Innovation and ICT Minister, it is great to see technology used to improve efficiency and safety for workers.”

Water Corporation is also looking at the potential for virtual reality to be used for other purposes, such as training and testing maintenance programs.

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