WaterGroup has signed a reseller agreement with global integrated energy and resource management solutions provider, Landis+Gyr. Under the agreement, WaterGroup will sell the Landis+Gyr W350, a network-enabled, ultrasonic, fully integrated smart water meter.

Managing Director of WaterGroup, Guenter Hauber-Davidson, said, “This smart water meter is an essential component in the journey Australian water utilities are taking to become digital.

“The water industry has some catching up to do in terms of digitalisation. The Landis+Gyr W350 smart water meter is the ideal tool to obtain 24/7 visibility of water use. While everything else is online, the water utilities usually take four annual readings – missing what’s going on in between.

“Seeing how water is used in near real time allows utilities to address leaks both within their networks and for their customers before millions of litres of drinking water are lost. It also lets them see how their network performs and identify capacity constraints. 

“Most importantly, it opens the door for a far more versatile and effective response when the next drought hits Australia to ensure we do not run out of water.” 

Using its embedded SIM card, the W350 water meter wirelessly connects to a subset of the cellular network, the narrow band NB-IoT, like a mobile phone.

One of its most unique features is the option to have both an embedded pressure and network leak or vibration sensor. It allows utilities to get on the front foot with cost-effective leak reduction programs. 

By working with Landis+Gyr and the water industry to deploy innovative technology solutions like the W350, WaterGroup plans to make undetected leaks a thing of the past. 

“All we need to do is look towards our European friends to appreciate the increasingly devastating effects of climate change on the reliability of our water supplies”, Mr Hauber-Davidson said.

“We could be next. The sooner we collect much richer data, the better we are placed to face those challenges without having to resort to  draconian water restrictions.”

About WaterGroup

WaterGroup is one of Australia’s largest integrated water savings companies, a widely recognised leader in smart water metering, leak detection and water loss efficiency. 

By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), innovation and sustainable solutions, WaterGroup’s services and products help water suppliers, their clients, municipalities, hospitals, universities, large corporates, shopping centres, and other large water users save water and money. 

With a specialist pool of expertise, proven design models and innovative engineering solutions, WaterGroup saves water and money for its clients.

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