To help eligible not-for-profit organisations and community groups save water in Western Australia’s drying climate, Water Corporation has announced that it will offer free Waterwise product retrofits.

WA Water Minister Mia Davies said the program will target these groups to save large amounts of water with each Waterwise change.

“Shared community facilities include educational buildings, sports clubs, aged-care facilities and local government-managed facilities,” Ms Davies said.

“The Water Corporation is supporting these groups because they often have several standard appliances which use water such as showers, taps and toilets that are used multiple times each day.

“This means each new water saving device or product will save a large amount of water as it is used more regularly than standard residential households.”

The Minister said the corporation would offer a water site audit, repair leaking taps and toilets, and retrofit free Waterwise appliances such as tap aerators, showerheads and dual-flush toilets.

“Groups and organisations in Perth and Mandurah which are eligible to take part in the program will receive a letter shortly asking them to participate,” she said.

“I encourage them to take part in the program and save precious drinking water and money.”


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