A growing number of solar farms are a great leap forward for Australia in terms of renewable energy; however, this technology can only be effective if it has access to full sun. Long-term weed control is an important aspect of creating effective solar opportunities, and with the right management solutions, this can be achieved without the use of traditionally used chemicals such as glyphosate.

One of the major problems that solar farms face is how to manage weeds without causing damage to the expensive panels. Mowing and slashing has been known to cause irreparable damage and liquid spraying and access is difficult, with the drift from liquid spray also causing problems.

Glyphosate has been one of the most popular options for management of weeds for many years. Constant use of glyphosate has seen certain weeds becoming resistant to it. It is now possible to effectively manage weeds for long periods without the use of glyphosate, and the solution is made on Australian soil.

A solid solution

Macspred Australia are manufacturers of specialist herbicides for infrastructure sites and have a unique dry granule product range which provides infrastructure maintenance teams with an easy and long-term solution to vegetation management without the need for glyphosate.

Macspred granules are applied dry by applying directly to the soil. There is no need for the product to mix with water, as rainfall and soil moisture will allow movement of the product into the soil. From there, a herbicide barrier is formed and germinating weeds are controlled for several months.

This tried and tested technology is based on years of research and development, and has been successfully used in forestry and industrial sites for over 25 years. With drone technology on the rise, granule herbicides are easier to spread than ever.

Advantages and applications

Granule herbicides offer several benefits over liquid applications and mechanical control. These include:

  • Simple and easy to use, with no mixing
  • Long-term weed control for up to 12 months with one application
  • Low user hazard manages WH&S risk
  • Provides a broad spectrum of weed control
  • No need for water
  • Drift hazards are minimised
  • Fast and efficient application
  • Ideal for hard to access areas
  • More economical over the whole operation
    compared to liquid

Macspred’s team of specialists can visit sites and develop a vegetation program specific to a location, making it easy for companies to take control of their vegetation and get the most out of on-site technology such as solar panels.

For more information, contact Macspred Australia on (03) 5335 8522, or visit the website at

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