The West Wyalong Water Reliability Project, upgrading the townships secure water supply to improve water pressure, is on track to be completed in late 2023.  

The West Wyalong Water Reliability Project is a joint initiative with the Federal Government through the National Water Grid Fund Connections Pathway contributing $4.5 million, the New South Wales Government’s Resources for Regions Fund investing $2.65 million, Bland Shire Council providing $800,000 and Goldenfields Water committing $5.25 million.

Well before construction commenced, Goldenfields water staff conducted several studies and surveys to ensure the communities’ concerns were understood and any qualms could be met with a suitable and effective resolution.

This project will address residents’ concerns around the town’s water pressure, as well as allow for future growth of the town.

The project began with the first sod turn back in October 2022.

The bypass pipeline is ahead of schedule with approx. 2.6km of the total 8km pipeline completed and is looking to be completed in May 2023.

The reticulation pipeline is underway and on schedule with approx. 1.4km of the total 7km completed, with the pipeline likely to be completed in July 2023.

The reservoir foundations have all been completed and the walls are starting to be constructed, with the reservoir due for completion in August 2023.

The pump station will commence after the reservoir has been completed and is due to be finished by September 2023.

Once complete, the West Wyalong Water Reliability Project will improve water flow and water pressure in West Wyalong through the installation of new infrastructure including a reservoir tank, 8km of main water supply pipeline, a 7km water distribution main, and a transfer pump station.

The base of the reservoir alone has 37t of steel reinforcement and when completed, it will have a volume of 2.8 ML, which is equivalent to 1.12 Olympic size swimming pools.

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