The process of disconnecting landline internet services and switching to the NBN will soon begin in Western Sydney.

Around 20,000 homes and businesses in the area will be the first in Sydney to complete the transition.

The old landline services will be switched off in parts of Penrith from 20 February 2015, followed by parts of Blacktown, Homebush, Riverstone, Richmond/Windsor and Lidcombe from 20 March 2015.

NBN Co urged the remaining homes and businesses in these regions that have not placed an order for services over the NBN to contact their preferred internet service provider or phone company as soon as possible.

Darren Rudd, NBN Co spokesperson said:

“By the time the rollout of the NBN is complete every home, business and community across Australia will have access to fast broadband, enabling us to benefit from an increasingly digital future.

“The move to the NBN is not automatic. The remaining residents and businesses in these areas need to move their landline phone and internet services over to the NBN if they wish to continue using them. They have a choice whether to switch across or to make do with mobile solutions.

“We are particularly urging people with special equipment including EFTPOS terminals and medical and security alarms which operate using a landline phone connection to contact their preferred phone company and internet service provider as soon as possible.”

Jason Pilgrim, owner of In2Motion physiotherapy in Richmond, said:

“Since connecting to our iiNet NBN service, our workplace efficiency and productivity has gone through the roof. We’ve regained up to an hour in each day as we are no longer waiting on a slow downloads and drop outs which were causing us to cancel transactions before they had finished processing.

“I also run multiple other businesses with interstate and international clients so access to HD video conferencing through fast broadband is essential in helping me juggle my competing priorities. I now only need to travel a few minutes into my Richmond office to connect and collaborate with employees and clients instead of making frustrating inner-city commutes or long overseas trips.”

The NBN rollout continues to grow momentum with more than 95,000 homes and businesses already connected in NSW. Physical construction is also underway to expand the network an additional 189,000 premises across the state including new construction work in parts of Canterbury and further parts of Strathfield and Auburn.

Regions scheduled to be switched off include:



Switch off date

Parts of Penrith


20 February 2015

Parts of Blacktown


20 March 2015

Parts of Homebush


20 March 2015

Parts of Riverstone


20 March 2015

Parts of Windsor/Richmond


17 April 2015

Parts of Lidcombe


17 April 2015

Further parts of Penrith


17 April 2015

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