With over 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing Australian-made pumps, AllightSykes has built itself a reputation as a world-class leader in water management solutions.

With this has come the need to constantly innovate, bringing new products to the market with lower operating costs, reduced downtime and a longer lifecycle.

The Yakka V2, AllightSykes’ latest acoustic trailerised pump unit, is set to do just that. With its new and improved features, the Yakka V2 is looking to change the face of the global pumps industry.

Chris O’Brien, AllightSykes’ Product Specialist for Pumps, talks us through some of the key features of the new Yakka V2.

“The Yakka V2 has an RPM of 1950, compared to the original Yakka’s RPM of 1800, which means that its performance has improved significantly,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The pump now also weighs 100kg lighter than the original Yakka, making it easier to work with.

“A lightweight base and aluminium powder-coated canopy has reduced the weight of the unit substantially. This, in combination with fork tines being built into the trailer, means that the unit is even easier to pick up than before.”

The acoustic material employed in the unit is a self-adhesive constrained layer damping sheet, which produces a quieter output than the foam solution previously used.

The new Yakka V2 pump also boasts greater access for servicing.

“The canopies slide out either end beyond the base frame, so that it gives you excellent access for servicing,” Mr O’Brien said. 

“Most of the units we see currently on the market only have single doors, which limits access.”

The pump is available in AllightSykes’ CP100i, SW100, CP150iC and HH80 models.

“The great thing about this pump is that it is applicable to a wide range of industries, it’s the ideal solution for those in construction, rental, municipal, mining and quarries,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The Yakka V2 is the next evolution of a well-respected piece of equipment that has been in circulation for many years now.”

With over 24 years’ experience in the pumps space, Mr O’Brien believes that AllightSykes can provide the right solution for anyone’s dewatering needs.

“At AllightSykes, lots of people within the pumps team have had over ten years’ experience in the industry, bringing a high level of expertise. Our team is able to work closely with each customer to deliver a solution that is tailored specifically to them.”

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