Say you’ve just received a breach notice, demand for an improvement notice, or a big sewer discharge bill from your local water authority, council or EPA, or if having ignored the above notices, a dreaded notice of impending disconnection from sewer. So what should you do now?

You might be a specialist in your area of food production or manufacturing, but like your area of specialty, managing wastewater is also a specialist field and it’s in your best interest to now contact a trade wastewater specialists.

Repairing, upgrading, building and operating a trade wastewater plant can be very costly and aside from the technical aspects, systems need to comply with complex local, state and federal rules and regulations.

The good news is that in Australia there are a number of specialist companies that can assist.

Working with experienced specialists can fast-track the often complex process of design, approval, construction and commissioning and get your wastewater project to the point of compliance. It will also help you achieve significant sewer discharge bill savings quickly.

The starting point is a detailed review your current trade waste system and compliance issues or, in the case of expansion, your proposed development.

From there the specialist will look at various business cases to work out what is the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. This may require upgrading, purchasing new plant and equipment, or something as simple as changing the chemicals or operation of your current plant.

At this point the viability of the project can be approved and costs and timelines can be agreed upon.

This process as well as hydraulic, building and electrical designs are then detailed and finalised, and the various applications are completed and negotiations with authorities.

This negotiation is important and can often include short-term dispensation from excess charges or approval to continue discharging while the works are completed.

Once your project has been approved, the equipment purchasing, building and construction can take place. This will often require the coordination of a large number of different specialities and trades and should be managed by a professional project manager.

Commissioning is next, however this is not the last step and ideally the specialists will train your staff on the operation and then work with them over the next few months or longer on optimising the operation and reducing operational costs.

Companies who do this best become one-stop-shops, who not only design and build or upgrade wastewater treatment plants but also assist with ongoing operation costs management and compliance requirements.

The Hydroflux Group is an Australian wastewater specialist company whose large professional team covers the full spectrum of municipal, industrial design, and construct and operational/compliance support of wastewater systems.

Hydroflux Group Director Global Market Development, Andrew Miley, said, “We take the headache out of you having to get involved in the numerous stages of the project.

“And by utilising our expertise you effectively take the complexity and risk out of the project and are guaranteed a successful result.

“Our team’s combined wastewater experience spans over 300 years and covers virtually every type of wastewater so the future of your wastewater compliance need not be as bleak as it appears.”

About the author

Andrew Miley has over 25 years experience in the water industry and is a former owner/director of AJM Environmental Services. His specific expertise includes process and concept designs for food and beverage plants using primary and secondary treatment.

Mr Miley has successfully completed over 100 projects in Australasia, Europe, USA, India, Middle East and Southeast Asia. One of his key achievements is playing a leading role in the negotiation of all aspects of the world’s first 4ML/day potable water reuse plant for a major food processor in Australia.

Lauren brings a fresh approach to content. While she’s previously written for publications as diverse as Australian Geographic, The Border Watch and Girlfriend, she’s found her true passion in her current role as an editor in the world of energy and infrastructure trade magazines.

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