By Anthony Johnstone, Sales Director, Access Detection

Although this article is specific to the release of the new SnapTRACK PRO you can also use it as a guide to shopping for any brand of locator on the market.

While teaching the NULCA Australia professional locator course, I have had the unique opportunity to compare all the different brands of locators.

In that time, I have found one defining thing about most locators on the market. It is not the brand or price of the locator that makes it a great machine, but the calibre of the operator behind the locator. Training is a key part of this.

When you purchase a SnapTRACK PRO, we offer a standard half day training course, invaluable for new users wishing to become familiar with the locator. We will also introduce new courses specifically for the SnapTRACK PRO.

Our first course will be a one-day Introduction to Professional Locating, that will focus on practical locator skills, helping operators get to grips with the locating process and teaching them how to get the most from SnapTRACK PRO.

By the end of the year, we will also introduce our Advanced Locating Course for customers who have completed our introductory course.

This course will teach advanced locating techniques in direct connection, as well as clamping and transmitter induction techniques, providing invaluable knowledge for operators building their experience.

The new SnapTRACK PRO offers the locator operator a versatile machine that is both Telstra & DBYD compliant. It is in the sweet spot in performance vs price for any level of operator.

Whether it be water, telco, power, gas, council asset owners or locator contractors, the SnapTRACK PRO offers real value for money.

This versatility allows you to set up the receiver to be the most basic of locators. It is ideal for new operators who only require the use of a peak mode or the left-right guidance mode and automatic gain.

Standard real-time depth and current measurement show automatically when a signal is detected. These features make it an ideal choice for those basic locations in non-congested areas, without overloading a new operator with multiple features and functions.

As the operator gains more experience or completes further training, they can then activate extra modes. Adding peak and null modes assist in the detection of distorted signals, while broad peak mode allows for deeper or weaker signal detection – you can also enable sonde mode if using a sonde or sewer camera.

The SnapTRACK PRO allows over nine additional frequencies through a wide range of low, medium and high-frequency bands – all done by the program mode within the machine.

Along with all these features, the SnapTRACK PRO 5W, high-powered transmitter model comes with high-capacity, lithium-ion batteries as standard in both the receiver and transmitter.

The standard transmitter display gives vital information on signal quality and type of connection method. Access Detection will be offering some great introductory prices on the SnapTRACK PRO, along with the introduction of the new ClampMitter Version 2.0.

This partner content is brought to you by Access Detection. Visit for further information on the SnapTRACK PRO and ClampMitter Version 2.0.

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