In the world of trenchless technology, accuracy is paramount. However, data concerning underground utilities and assets is notoriously unreliable, posing a critical challenge for trenchless practitioners. With operations hidden beneath the surface, any miscalculation can have severe consequences – underscoring the need for precise information.

Underground utility networks can be likened to an intricate tapestry – growing and evolving as communities expand, aging infrastructure deteriorates, and assets are replaced.

For trenchless practitioners, navigating this tapestry is not without its challenges. In the absence of reliable data, operators risk running into, and potentially damaging utilities, resulting in costly delays, disruptions to essential services and threatening the safety of workers and the public.

Additionally, an accidental collision with utilities can have significant environmental repercussions such as soil and water contamination, disrupted habitats and pollutant leakage.

When it comes to trenchless technology, there’s no room for error, and operators cannot afford to rely on unreliable data.

Whether checking for the presence of existing assets, or guiding a driller tool along a prescribed path, employing the most advanced utility locating technologies is crucial to ensuring accurate underground asset information.


Combat interference

Vermeer, along with partners McLaughlin Underground and Digital Control Incorporated (DCI), offer a range of digital locators, including the McLaughlin Verifier G3 and the DCI DigiTrak® F5 (Falcon F5+).

The Falcon F5+ offers the performance and versatility to complete a job safely, accurately and efficiently. With a data range of 180/220ft, it can locate even the deepest utilities. It’s also packed with over 1,000 frequencies for the lowest, highest and widest range of bands, enabling accurate drilling for any job.

Interference is the biggest obstacle in HDD locating and the Falcon F5+ has the broadest range of frequencies of any locator on the market. The ultra-low frequencies of the Sub-k™ Rebar transmitter enable accurate drilling under reinforced concrete, while the higher frequencies combat active interference caused by cell towers, traffic loops, and power lines.


Adaptable solutions for easy detection

The McLaughlin Verifier G3 Utility Locator is durable, easy to use and does not require calibration.

With strong inductive capabilities, it can detect signals accurately, even in complicated conditions such as areas with dense utility networks. This enhanced capability allows precise identification of various types of utilities, making it a vital tool for preventing accidental utility damage.

The Verifier G3 offers three locating modes – peak, peak/null and null. An operator-friendly screen shows the accuracy of peak mode – combined with the speed of null mode – at a glance.

Depth and current strength measurements are automatically provided and displayed on all available screen modes, offering real-time and accurate information on the depth of a utility and the strength of the current being measured.

This ensures correct and precise measurements without the need for additional manual adjustments or switching between modes.


Future-proof investment

The Verifier G3 features a one-size-fits-all coil clamp that does not need to encircle the utility to induce a signal and is 100 per cent waterproof.

A small waterproof transmitter emits a signal that is traced by the receiver, enabling the location and depth of non-metallic pipe to be efficiently and accurately assessed.

With a three-year warranty offering coverage including water damage, users can have peace of mind that their investment is protected in the event of unexpected issues.

As well as providing high-quality, efficient and effective equipment, Vermeer Australia’s exceptional end-to-end offerings include after-sales support and service, with a team of knowledgeable staff on hand to assist customers.

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