The National Energy Globe Australia Award has been awarded to a project which saw the creation of a suite of live generated solar photovoltaic (PV) maps and tools.

The Australian PV Institute (APVI) has been the successful recipient of this significant win.

ARENA CEO, Ivor Frischknecht, congratulated the APVI on the achievement and for its ongoing efforts to improve the mapping resources, which make it easier to track and understand the Australian solar PV market.

“This global recognition is well deserved and is the latest in a series of positive outcomes for the ARENA-supported Australian Solar Mapping Tools project, which was developed by the APVI in collaboration with the University of New South Wales, SMA Australia and others,” Mr Frischknecht said.

“Since being launched in 2014, the APVI’s online maps and tools have attracted significant interest from electricity operators, industry, government and consumers, with nearly 25,000 unique visits to the website.

“The bringing together of live generation data, historical maps and animations, tools and analysis is invaluable. It provides easy access to real-time data about the performance, impact and contribution of solar PV systems by state and territory as well as nationally.

“As the Australian winner of the National Energy Globe Award, the APVI is now in the running for the 2015 International Energy Globe Award that recognises outstanding sustainable best practice projects worldwide.”

Mr Frischknecht said the APVI had been continuously improving the mapping resources.

“Last week the APVI released an upgraded live map, which now monitors twice as many solar PV systems across the country,” Mr Frischknecht said.

“The live solar map draws on data from more than 5500 solar PV systems. Users can track real-time energy output and see the percentage of energy demand met by rooftop solar in each state and territory.

“Energy stakeholders are now able to access more data and more detailed and accurate output estimates from solar PV systems installed across Australia.

“In addition to the live solar map, there are several other useful tools. For example, 3D modelling showing the benefits of installing rooftop solar and an interactive guide to the location, capacity and annual performance of solar PV installations.”

ARENA has provided $430,000 funding support towards the project.

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