Athelstane Range Reservoir roof repair

Structural repairs on the Athelstane Range Reservoir have reached 50 per cent completion, with the 30-year-old reservoir responsible for supplying approximately 30,000 Gracemere and South Rockhampton residents with water. 

Rockhampton Council Water Councillor, Edward Oram, said the structural repairs included replacing the roof after a storm caused extensive damage on the 20ML reservoir, the largest owned and operated by Fitzroy River Water. 

“A condition report was organised on the structure and found the connections to the concrete walls and some of the structure needed replacing,” Mr Oram said.  

“As one of the most critical reservoirs within the supply network, this job is a priority so it can continue servicing the large number of residents and businesses in the years to come. 

“The project started in April 2024 with our main contractor John Lyng and five subcontractors, and is expected to take about three months, with the structural repairs due to be completed by June 30. 

“I am pleased to provide an update that we have reached the halfway point and continue to progress towards reaching our deadline mid-2024. 

“We now have scope to complete some additional repairs to the reservoir which were unknown at the start of the project,” Mr Oram said. 

The additional repairs include adding more ventilation, upgrading roofing material and some remedial repairs to the existing structure. 

“It’s vital that we maintain and upgrade our facilities so that we can continue to meet current and future demand,” Mr Oram said. 

“Maintenance of critical infrastructure like our Treatment Plants and reservoirs are essential in enabling us to deliver quality drinking water to the Region, and I thank residents for their continued support. 

“While the project is progressing well, we do want residents to remain mindful of their water usage until the structural repairs are complete.” 

Featured image: Athelstane Range Reservoir roof repair. Courtesy of Rockhampton Council. 

Assistant Editor, Utility magazine

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