A new Worksafe campaign is encouraging people to make safety a priority at work during the busy period leading up to Christmas.

The Jobs At Home Day campaign encourages workers to talk about workplace safety by recognising the important jobs they do when they get home.

WorkSafe Chief Executive, Clare Amies, said “Sadly, 23 people died in Victorian workplaces last year, with seven of those deaths occurring in the final two months of the year. Every one of those workers had important reasons to get home safely.”

The campaign focuses on the busy period leading up to Christmas because this is when accidents are more likely to occur.

“Demanding deadlines, hectic schedules and the drive to get a job done before taking a Christmas break can sometimes mean health and safety is not at the forefront of everyone’s mind at this time of year,” Ms Amies said.

“Encouraging Victorians to talk about safety in the workplace is paramount to keeping it front of mind. Initiating an open discussion within the workplace provides the opportunity to address any potential hazards before they become an issue.”

The campaign, now in its third year, was designed to get people to reflect on how safety at work has a direct impact on the things they do outside of work.

“We are asking people to give themselves a job at home title, make a badge, and wear it on 4 December and talk to your colleagues about workplace safety,” Ms Amies said.

Whether it’s ‘Chief Pancake Maker’ or ‘Head Dishwasher’, everyone has important jobs at home that their loved ones, including our families, friends or pets, rely on us to do.

Workers can create their own customised badge and wear it to work on Friday 4 December, the official Jobs at Home Day.

Minister for Finance, Robin Scott, said, “The most important job in the world is the quality time we spend with our families.

“That’s why Victorians must make safety the first priority in every workplace, every single day, to ensure we all get home to our loved ones safely.”

Jobs at Home Day will be 4 December, for more information visit

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