A Brisbane innovation that will increase safety in high-risk bushfire areas and also improve the reliability of the electricity network was launched by Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts, the Hon Ian Walker MP at Siemens’ manufacturing facility at Loganholme.

The Hon Ian Walker MP said the Fusesaver Remote Control Unit was an impressive piece of technology and yet another example of the quality of innovation in Queensland.

“It’s a good example of creativity and innovation in Queensland to increase productivity in new markets,” Mr Walker says.

The Siemens Remote Control Unit (RCU) works in conjunction with the Siemens Fusesaver. The Fusesaver improves the reliability of the electricity network which results in fewer outages and when they do occur, shorter outage times.

Siemens Business Manager, Brett Watson says that the RCU will increase safety and network security allowing utilities to access power lines remotely to change protection modes during high-risk bushfire times, avoiding callouts during unsafe weather conditions and resources of line crews.

“It’s great to see that our R&D has resulted in the launch of RCU which works in conjunction with Fusesaver which was launched two years ago.

“Fusesaver is the fastest medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker in the world. It’s designed for the harshest weather conditions to improve electricity reliability and increase safety in remote areas around the world, with trials locally and internationally proving its success,” Dr Watson says.

Martin Fleming from Power and Water Corporation, who undertook a trial of the Siemens Fusesaver, says that the results were outstanding.

“We trialed the Siemens Fusesavers in a remote and weather exposed area; this meant the benefits really stood out for us. One area, that was particularly prone to bats striking the line, went from an average of 60 outages a month to around just one a month,” Mr Fleming says.

Following successful trials in Australia electricity utilities around the world are now trialing the Siemens Remote Control Unit and the Siemens Fusesaver, with trials in Ireland, Uganda and Kenya already proving successful.

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