In less than two weeks, the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition will open in Sydney; a new event dedicated to the energy storage sector, offering delegates access to cutting edge technology on supply and storage solutions from world leading innovators.

To be held at Australian Technology Park between the 3rd – 4th June 2015, the conference and exhibition addresses energy storage solutions at all levels, and features more than fifty experts from all over Australia and the world.

Speaking on the first day of the conference, David Edwards, Senior Systems Planning Engineer from Horizon Power, will be discussing increasing PV connection through the use of energy storage.

His session focuses on the high levels of renewable energy penetration on Horizon’s islanded grid networks; the development and introduction of hosting capacity mechanisms and the resultant increase in renewable energy hosting capacity and management.

Also speaking at the Optimising and Expanding Energy Networks using Energy Storage session is Anthony Englund, the Ground Manager of Investment Strategy and Solutions at Transgrid.

He will discuss how TransGrid (the NSW and ACT transmission network service provider), continuously investigates new technologies to ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity supply. At the end of 2015 TransGrid commissioned its iDemand system, including a 400kilowatt-hour lithium polymer battery system, to further demand management research in Australia.

Research agreements are now being formalised to investigate operation and long term performance of the new technologies, and to optimise the interaction between batteries, solar generation, site loading and the electricity network. TransGrid has also commissioned a piece of market advice about grid-scale energy storage opportunities and challenges. Anthony will take the conference through what Transgrid has learned in the journey thus far including the role battery storage may play in the transmission network of the future.

Storage technology is changing at an amazing pace, and ABB Australia is at the forefront of these incredible developments. An exhibitor at the Australian Energy Storage Exhibition which is to be held alongside the conference; they are leaders in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact.

One of ABB Australia’s featured products at the exhibition is the Terra multi-standard DC charging station 53. Its flexible multi-protocol design supports CCS, CHAdeMO and AC functionality depending on the individual charging needs of each customer. Designed for en route charging, the Terra 53 is ideal for use at car dealerships, supermarkets, petrol stations and busy urban areas.

ABB’s Juergen Zimmerman is one of 50 speakers invited to discuss how energy storage is shaping our world, at the grid and off-grid levels, for transport infrastructure and in residential and commercial buildings.

Juergen, ABB’s Research and Development Manager for Microgrid solutions will share details of ABB’s involvement with an Australian-first battery energy storage system project, known as the Grid Energy Storage System (GESS) for AusNet Services.

The AusNet Services project, first announced in January last year, is occurring in partnership with ABB Australia and Samsung SDI, with the trial officially started in December 2014. AusNet Services, Victoria’s largest energy distributor, is testing the technologies viability as a way to enhance the management of peak electricity demand in the state of Victoria.

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