In an industry first, the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA), Intelligent Water Networks and a founding research consortia are collaborating to bring supply and demand side participants together in a national collaborative project that aims to leverage IoT systems.

The initial concept involves these four different groups coming together as one to co-develop a national research hub around IoT for water. The IoT Water Hub will focus on real-time monitoring and control, helping the delivery of a secure water future, increased diversity of supply, enhanced ecosystems and engaged communities. 

WSAA has been working with the founding members, South East Water, Melbourne Water, Monash University and Melbourne University to broaden industry participation. 

This has included linking with IoTAA and an online showcase event, held on 27 May 2021 to a crowd of 45 industry professionals. 

The Director of Business Excellence for WSAA, Dr Greg Ryan, said the showcase was an opportunity for the hub concept to be launched and to gain interest from private and public sectors, with the goal of seeking co-funding from the Federal Government. 

The showcase was the first step for broader industry participants, and provided an opportunity to assess and confirm case studies and a commitment to building the next phase of the IoT Water Hub.

There was a presentation on the draft National Research Priorities Agenda and WSAA’s Digital Reference Framework, and a case study that demonstrated the immense opportunity in the further development of IoT applications through a focused research program.

The next steps for the Iot Water Hub will be determined through this new cross-industry partnership.

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