Water Services Association Australia (WSAA) has launched its customer support principle-based framework, designed to help water utilities access and improve support for customers experiencing financial difficulty.

The Customer Support Better Practice Framework is based on research from the Thriving Communities Partnership and aligned with the ESC’s “Getting to Fair” strategy.

The WSAA hopes it will:

  • Raise awareness of what better practice looks like for a customer support program
  • Provide guidance on what a water business can do to improve their approach for customers who may be struggling
  • Provide consistency around common definitions as well as consistent measurement and reporting of performance

WSAA states that it recognises the industry’s understanding is evolving and this framework will continue to expand and develop. 

The WSAA also states that it encourages not just water utilities but other sectors to be involved in improving the framework over time.

The Customer Support Better Practice Framework is available here, including a spreadsheet template for self-assessment. 

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