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The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) has released its preliminary report into improving water services to remote First Nations communities.

The Report was commissioned in 2021 to review remote water services in Australia, elevate these issues in the national conversation, and recommend ways to close the gap in the delivery of safe drinking water and water security.

It explores the arrangements for water servicing of remote communities across Australia and outlines some preliminary findings and recommendations about how improving these services can help close the gap.

WSAA Executive Director, Adam Lovell, announced the release of the report at the inaugural Voices for the Bush Conference in Alice Springs. 

“Most important of all, First Nations communities need a voice. A voice in the water services that remote communities receive,” Mr Lovell said. 

Many stakeholders across Australia are leading important initiatives to close the gap for First Nations peoples, addressing health, social, economic and other aspects. 

However, examples regularly emerge of remote communities with limited, and sometimes no access, to safe drinking water. These communities suffer numerous poor health outcomes associated with lack of clean and reliable water supplies, and there are unclear accountabilities for the provision of water services there. 

The full report will be released in November 2022. WSAA continues to work with governments and the urban water industry regarding new initiatives that could play a key part in a new National Water Initiative.

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