WA Water Minister Mia Davies has announced the completion of works to upgrade the South Hedland Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The announcement marks a major milestone in a $120M overhaul of the Hedland wastewater system, which will enable new residential development.

The South Hedland site is now in the final stages of commissioning and gearing up to treat wastewater from all properties in Port Hedland.

The existing wastewater treatment plant in Port Hedland will be decommissioned, freeing up 75 hectares of land for residential development.

“The upgraded plant in South Hedland is now in the final testing phase, and has the capacity to treat 10 million litres of wastewater each day, providing for future growth out to 2035,” Ms Davies said.

“The Water Corporation’s upgrade to its South Hedland plant includes a recycling facility, with a design capacity to provide up to six million litres of high-quality recycled water each day for public open space and other non-drinking water uses.”

Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said $41.5M of the South Hedland Wastewater Treatment Plant project was funded through the State Government’s Royalties for Regions $104.4M Pilbara Essential Services Program.

“Royalties for Regions invests in developing strong and sustainable regional communities in Western Australia and the Pilbara Essential Services Program delivers on that goal,” he said.

“This plant will manage the additional load of the current Port Hedland plant, as well as new development in South Hedland, supporting the expansion of new land development and commercial investment in the area.”

The South Hedland Wastewater Treatment Plant and recycling facility is expected to be fully commissioned by the Water Corporation in December 2014.

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