An upgrade of Water Corporation’s Bridgetown Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP) near Perth means that high-quality treated wastewater can be used for irrigation at the Bridgetown Golf Course.

About 37 million litres of recycled water will be produced each year, reducing reliance on precious drinking water supplies which benefits the environment.

Hydroflux’s subsidiary, Hydroflux Epco recently completed the upgrade of the plant which is located south-west of Perth.

As part of the upgrade, Hydroflux Epco installed a HUBER Ro5 Packaged Inlet Works. The packaged unit consists of a fine screening with 2mm perforations, integrated screenings washing and dewatering, integrated bypass chamber with manually raked bypass screen, horizontal grit removal traps, and horizontal and inclined grit removal screws.

John Koumoukelis, Director of Global Business Development at Hydroflux and a Director of Hydroflux Epco, said, “Being a packaged system, site installation works were significantly reduced.

“Also, the hydraulics between the screenings and grit chamber is managed by Hydroflux Epco, which simplifies the installation process.

“Only some minor site works were required to assemble the package.”

Mr Koumoukelis said that a 2mm perforation was preferred by Water Corporation to increase screening capture.

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