Yarra Valley Water has launched a new online asset map to provide plumbers with better water and sewer data when they’re on the job.

PipeTracker is mobile friendly and has been designed to respond directly to the needs of plumbers, saving them time and eliminating the need for them to call Yarra Valley Water whilst on-site.

Currently, Yarra Valley Water’s Service Response Team receives 7,000 calls a year from plumbers, who are on-site diagnosing water or sewer issues.

Plumbers can get in touch to find out where a customer’s plumbing connects to the Yarra Valley Water network so they can locate, diagnose and resolve issues.

Yarra Valley Water General Manager of Service Futures, Glenn Wilson, said that the map will give plumbers the information they need in the palm of their hand.

“We interviewed a lot of different plumbers to find out what they really needed from the tool, then kept the design as simple as possible to make it easy and fast to use,” Mr Wilson said.

“The final product is something which will make their life a lot easier in the field and enable them to fix issues faster. We’re really excited to be able to roll this out to plumbers.”

PipeTracker also provides instant, up-to-date and more detailed information about Yarra Valley Water assets compared to the Dial Before You Dig national referral service which is currently widely used.

However, Yarra Valley Water maintains that anyone planning to dig should continue to use the Dial Before You Dig service to obtain information on other buried infrastructure.

Yarra Valley Water’s Service Response Team is still available to respond to high-priority calls, such as fault reports. 

To access PipeTracker, click here.

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