Yarra Valley Water has invested more than $62 million into its Water and Sewerage Mains Renewal Programs over the past 12 months, with maintenance crews replacing over 165 kilometres of water and sewerage mains across its service area.

According to Mr Tony Kelly, Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water, the Water & Sewerage Mains Renewal Programs are important to ensure that delivery networks stay well maintained and operational, reduce supply interruptions and prevent water loss through leaking pipes.

“Each year we replace enough water and sewerage mains that if you were to place them end to end they would stretch from Melbourne’s CBD to Geelong and then halfway back again,” says Mr Kelly.

Yarra Valley Water’s renewals program prioritises the replacement of water and sewerage pipes based on factors such as the number of customers they supply, their location, age, construction material and reliability.

“Regular water and sewerage main replacements and maintenance helps the water system to cope with Melbourne’s steady population growth. As new mains are installed, bigger pipes are sometimes used to ensure that the pipes can deliver larger amounts of water for rapidly growing suburbs across our service area,” says Mr Kelly.

In areas of environmental sensitivity, trenchless digging methods are used where possible in order to minimize potential impact on the local area.

“Climate change has resulted in heavier and increasingly frequent storms across Melbourne, which, when coupled with a particularly hot and dry summer can cause the clay around water pipes to expand and then contract quickly, causing bursts.

“When performing water mains renewals, we use the latest in water main technology to help reduce the risk of water bursts due to adverse weather conditions,” says Mr Kelly.

To report a leak, burst water main or knocked hydrant, or for faults and emergencies customers should call 13 2762.

Yarra Valley Water is Melbourne’s largest water and sewerage business, servicing 1.7 million homes and 50,000 businesses across the northern and eastern suburbs.

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