A project by Yarra Valley Water to construct a recycled water main alongside Kalkallo Creek (VIC) had the potential to impact an area known to be home to a number of rare frog breeds, including the growling grass frog.

Therefore to protect the frog’s habitat and that of other protected and endangered species, a number of preventative steps were taken, including the construction of a frog fence, creating a no-go zone during the works.

“Site inspections were carried out by experts to make sure that the project was carried out in harmony with the local environment. As soon as we were made aware that rare species were in the vicinity of the area, we did all that we could to try and protect the habitat. This included scheduling the work around breeding season and constructing a frog fence which was regularly monitored to make sure that no harm could come to the protected species,” said Pat McCafferty, Managing Director.

“All contractors accessing the site were given a comprehensive induction, which included learning the sounds of our protected friends. They were also given a rescue kit, including a trusty Esky, and given instructions on what to do to help relocate any frogs which were found,” said Mr McCafferty.

Anyone entering the no-go zone was required to scrub and disinfect their boots so as to protect the sensitive habitat. Each day site checks were carried out, documenting sightings of particular species, as well as protected flora and fauna.

Regular inspections before and during the works were carried out by both a herpetologist and ecologist until the completion of the works near Kalkallo Creek.

“The lengths our staff have gone to during this project demonstrates the genuine interest and willingness to do the right thing in protecting both the environment and the frogs, which is consistent with the Yarra Valley Water culture,” said Mr McCafferty.

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