Industry tool manufacturer, Caldertech Australia is quickly becoming a recognised industry partner to many companies installing HDPE pipes for gas and water networks throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Based in Malaga, Perth, Caldertech distributes a wide range of Butt Fusion and electrofusion tooling, manufactured at three sites in the UK.

The company’s success has grown through 25 years of producing innovative, high quality tooling manufactured to ISO standards that are used throughout the world.

Some of these products include:

  • Electrofusion welders
  • Pipe peeling tools
  • Various styles of pipe clamps
  • Re-rounding and re-forming tools and pipe squeeze off tooling in sizes from 16mm -1200mm
  • Internal and external de beader
  • Pipe rollers
  • Pipe cutters

Caldertech also works alongside customers to manufacture bespoke tooling to their requirements.

In June 2016, Caldervale Technology completed the acquisition of Fusion Equipment from the Fusion Group UK. This buyout increased Caldertech Australia’s product range to include Butt Fusion welding machines.

With this, Caldertech Australia can now offer the Gator Automatic Butt Fusion welders in four sizes ranging from 63mm-400mm.


The Gator Automatic Butt Fusion welder was originally developed for British Gas to provide first class quality assurance and eliminate user error and soon became the alternative welding method to traditional manual butt fusion systems.

Original success of the automated system led to many Gas and Water Companies to only specify the use of Automatic Butt Fusion on projects.

AU/NZ Regional Manager, Andrew Day, said the high quality products are designed to be easy to use, fit-for-purpose and allows installers of PE pipe of all diameters to carry out their duties safely and efficiently.

“PE pipe is an excellent choice for a long life pipeline systems with a life expectancy of 80-100 years.

“Providing the installer has been trained and competent, using the correct tooling and following guidelines will ensure a leak free system for years ahead.”

Caldertech Australia is looking forward to growing their customer base in 2017 and offering a complete after sales service for calibrations and ongoing product support.

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