At the end of last year, Bürkert Australia launched its online water show. Participating in a number of online events in 2020 led the team to investigate how they could develop a virtual exhibition stand to deliver key application models and support material in the absence of attending live events.

In developing the stand, Marketing and Communications Manager, Pauline Boyd, said, “We had some amazing displays planned for 2020 trade events, and in not being able to showcase that to industry, we wanted to find another way to display not only our capabilities, but our uniquely compact and effective applications.”

Working closely with the UK-based DMA Group, Ms Boyd explained that the water stand was “a spin off from our main virtual exhibition launched in June. The main show presented our products on tables along with support material and evolving training videos, brochures etc, but it didn’t show how all those products work together for process and application.

“So the idea was born! We wanted to show exactly how efficient and effective our applications can be by presenting them in a 3D, 360o view online show – available to visitors 24/7.”

What applications can you explore?

Process automation control cabinet

Reduce your energy consumption by up to a third by cleverly combining automated processes, controllers and measuring methods. At the same time, you benefit from maximum productivity and consistently high product quality.

Online water quality analysis unit

Bürkert’s online analysis systems provide you with a space-saving and safe solution. It allows you to monitor all key water parameters with just one system – continuously, precisely, and with low maintenance.

Continuous permeate monitoring system

Bürkert is the only manufacturer in the world to offer this automated single pressure pipe monitoring system with the permeate monitoring system for waterworks and installation engineers.

Compact and optimised valve island

The Bürkert valve island AirLINE field can also be installed directly next to the process. Due to the smaller pneumatic distances, your valves switch faster and you also save on compressed air and energy. With so-called distributed automation, you can configure your plant flexibly and at the same time rely on safe production.

Fluid control experts with more than 40 years’ experience

This online show is jam packed with brochures, videos and datasheets, plus so much more! For those that have missed live events, this one should be on your list to visit.

John Kennedy, Water Segment Manager for Bürkert, said, “We’ve been seeking a way to combine and deliver our core water applications to audiences for years. This is such a wonderful display of not only our capabilities, but the possibilities for the water industry here in Australia.

“It is key for the industry decision makers to be exploring and researching sustainable, energy-efficient options for ongoing water processing and treatment. As one of our most important commodities here in Australia and around the world, we need to ensure we’re doing all we can to preserve, protect and monitor water supplies effectively and efficiently.”

For 40 years, Bürkert Australia has been the market leader in new and innovative fluid control solutions. The field of water treatment demands superior instrument performance and versatile systems developed to simplify any water treatment situation, and save customers time and money.

This partner content is brought to you by Bürkert Australia. Visit the online show at

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