Sydney Water’s digital pillars to staying cyber safe

Sydney Water’s key to successful protection of its assets, safe delivery of water services, and providing trustworthy outcomes for employees and customers is guided by three digital pillars; mission-critical services, digital convergence and resilience-ready.

The importance of stormwater management

The concrete jungles of Australia’s cities generate enormous volumes of stormwater, which has significant environmental consequences for the waterways that receive it. Stormwater harvesting can help save hundreds of millions of litres of drinking water each year, by providing an alternative water supply .

Renewable gas no longer a pipe dream

Australia is on a pathway to decarbonise the gas sector to help meet emission reduction commitments, which can be achieved through the widespread deployment of transformational technologies including biogas, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage.

Speed, power and silence: directional drills with a difference

When it comes to the installation of underground conduit and pipes, equipment performance is a major factor in achieving a successful outcome, especially in urban or built-up environments.
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Water innovation: The power of biosolids from wastewater

Rapid urbanisation and population growth is driving an increase in the volume of biosolids and sludge from wastewater treatment, which can pose both economic and environmental challenges for local authorities and operators. SUEZ is a leader in the treatment of sludge, helping authorities and operators transform biosolids into a new energy source, a fertiliser for agriculture and for land rehabilitation and landscaping.
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