SA Power Networks has made a final decision on the route for the new power line required to supply the Mount Barker East development and will soon begin negotiating with landholders.

The new line and an associated substation are expected to be constructed in about six to ten years, when the Mount Barker region requires additional electrical network capacity. The exact timing will depend on the rate of growth of the region’s electricity consumption.

SA Power Networks has reviewed the recommendation of a Steering Committee and the Mt Barker Council’s endorsed power line route — Line Option 3 — and confirmed it as the final alignment for the overhead power line.

Four potential line route options were considered during public consultation following deliberations by a Steering Committee comprising the District Council of Mount Barker; Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure; and SA Power Networks.

The final location of the substation to support the new line route will be identified through further discussion with the council and landowners. Two potential locations have already been identified on greenfield sites.

The design of the substation will depend on its specific location and the future residential development in the area.

SA Power Networks has notified all affected landowners of the decision on the line route and will commence consultation on the specific alignment of the line through their land.

SA Power Networks will then proceed with developing a Concept Design for Line Option 3 to be costed and submitted for approval to the State Development Assessment Commission.

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