Coliban Water is currently undertaking a health check of Kyneton’s (VIC) sewerage system to identify where stormwater and groundwater may be getting into the system.

Coliban Water’s Assets and Operations Manager, Steve Dunlop, said previous monitoring had identified significant increases in the volume of water entering the sewerage system during times of heavy rainfall.

“That excess water means greater pressure on the entire network and ultimately our treatment plant,” Mr Dunlop said.

In the coming months, 1,250 sewer manholes will be inspected and smoke testing conducted in various parts of the system.

Mr Dunlop explained the smoke used in the testing is the same as that used on movie sets.

“It’s safe, non-toxic and we send it through the sewer pipes to identify any gaps.

“The smoke escapes through any cracks, defective plumbing or illegal connections where stormwater is entering the system, while the inspection of sewer manholes will identify any repair work we need to undertake,” Mr Dunlop said.

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