Powerlink is using a specialist helicopter crew to conduct transmission line stringing works as part of a $10 million project to replace 3.8km of transmission lines in the Townsville region in Queensland.  

Parallel transmission lines will be replaced with a single transmission line alongside Dalrymple Road in Garbutt, Currajong, Gulliver and Heatley to ensure an ongoing safe and reliable electricity supply.

Using helicopters to string the new transmission line ensures the work will be completed faster, more cost effectively and with less impact on the community.

Member for Townsville, Scott Stewart, said the helicopter stringing work was a key component of the project.

“Powerlink has engaged a specialist helicopter crew to ensure the safe and efficient completion of these transmission lines stringing works,” Mr Stewart said.

“Using a helicopter allows the work to be completed in less than two days as opposed to manual stringing which could take up to two weeks to complete, reducing project costs and time.

“It also reduces potential impacts on the wider community with fewer traffic closures required along Dalrymple Road as part of the transmission line stringing.

“Overall this project will support 20 jobs and boost the local economy, as well as secure the region’s high voltage electricity supply into the future.”

Powerlink Chief Executive, Merryn York, said the project was on schedule for completion in December 2017.

“One transmission line has been removed, and the helicopter crew will be stringing the replacement line which has recently been constructed,” Ms York said.

“Once the replacement line is in service, the second line will be removed. This will deliver improved visual amenity for nearby residents and businesses in the Garbutt, Currajong, Gulliver and Heatley areas.

“The existing transmission lines are nearly 60 years old and nearing the end of their technical service life.

“All works have been undertaken in a staged way to ensure high voltage electricity supply was not impacted.”

Ms York said Powerlink was working with Townsville City Council to undertake a community and environmental initiative as part of this project.

“We look forward to partnering with local community and environmental groups to deliver long-term positive and tangible outcomes,” Ms York said.

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