WA Minister for Water, Mia Davies, recently visited the Kununurra Diversion Dam, WA, to view the completion of the State Government’s $17 million project to refurbish the 20 dam gates.

Ms Davies said the project would ensure the ongoing operation of the Ord Irrigation Scheme and would protect the town from flooding.

“This dam regulates flows to the irrigation area and controls water levels in the dam during the wet season,” Davies said.

“This protects Kununurra from flooding and helps to prevent damage to irrigation assets.”

“Work was undertaken during the dry season over a four-year period in order that the dam could operate as normal during the wet season, when all 20 gates are required to control the high water flows.”

The project has extended the life of each gate by about 20 years.

Each gate is 11 metres high and 15 metres wide, weighing about 95 tonnes. The project involved work to the dam wall, repairs to gate hoist mechanisms, and refurbishment of the upstream and downstream faces and arms of the gates.

The dam was constructed in 1963 and remains an essential asset to the Ord Irrigation Area, and to the development and safety of Kununurra.

“I thank the community for their patience while the Water Corporation carried out this work, to secure the operation of the dam into the future,” the Minister said.

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