As most companies and industries in Australia are transitioning to a remote workforce and many more splitting working weeks between being on-site and remote, some industries are facing unique challenges because of social distancing measures. These challenges are likely to continue to occur well into the future, therefore making it important to act now and address challenges due to social distancing and working remotely.

Economists are predicting that working from home will become the new normal. Many companies are preparing to navigate these changes and implementing new technologies that will allow working remotely to become more seamless and streamlined for traditionally on-site occupations.

Working remotely in the utility, infrastructure or mining industry can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the right equipment, with some system operators finding it difficult and inconvenient to manage field site production, troubleshooting or data collection when not on site.

Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) Quick Link is a cloud-based management platform that allows you to set up a remote connection from any computer to the end devices connected to an MRC gateway from anywhere in the world through the MRC server.

This makes it possible to use PC-based software applications to remotely interact with industrial equipment – just as if they are connected directly to the PC.

Setting up a remote connection with MRC Quick Link is easy and involves three separate processes carried out by different roles:

  • The administrator is responsible for configuring the gateway and clients for remote access on the MRC server, and generating the respective activation keys for the machine operator and support engineer
  • The machine operator installs the activation key on the physical gateway device on-site
  • The support engineer uses the client key in the MRC Client Software to authorise the remote connection to the field device

When the tunnel is successfully established, the support engineer can remotely monitor and manage the equipment. Moxa’s remote access to programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human machine interfaces (HMIs) and automation networks can help to reduce on-site visits, improve services and increase operational efficiency while saving time and costs.

Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) solution and MRC Quick Link Service open up a new world of security, ease of use, and flexibility for securely accessing remote devices.

The MRC secure remote access solution provides strong data encryption and secure tunnelling between your local and remote systems.

There is no need to perform complex VPN/firewall configurations, which allows you to add remote connections more confidently and flexibly.

To get started quickly, you can use our free and ready-to-use MRC Quick Link Service and take advantage of:

  • Five years of free access to an MRC Server
  • Five concurrent online nodes
  • 5GB data per month

While the world and working environment are changing, these changes give us the opportunity to adopt new technologies and techniques to provide better service to our customers and work more efficiently – all while staying safe.

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