Non-invasive patented BRFDTM Pole Reinstatement System. Skilltech SmartPipeTM portable standpip

Spotless is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest and most diverse services groups. The company has grown over the last 70 years to a team of 36,000 people delivering more than 100 integrated facilities management services including utility support services that span meter reading and installation, asset inspection, and energy and water efficiency.

End-to-end technical and lifecycle support is becoming essential to navigating the changing business landscape.

“Our wide range of capabilities, and deep and broad engineering expertise puts us in a position where we can consider our clients’ challenges holistically, and engineer solutions that improve operation efficiencies,” says Stephen Ellich, Spotless Executive General Manager for Utilities, Technical Services and Asset Management.

Spotless has invested in doing things in a smarter way, with innovations such as intelligent standpipes, pole reinstatement systems, and advanced metering solutions.

Based on their four decades of metering experience, Spotless’ Skilltech team developed and trialled the Skilltech SmartPipeTM, a cloud-connected, hydrant access service that remotely captures the exact volume, location, and time any water is extracted from a hydrant in real time.

A standard web portal – with a comprehensive list of configurable reports and system alerts – provides client access to historical data and GPS location of hydrants.

“It has significantly improved the accuracy of billing, verification, and compliance, together with the tracking of unaccounted water usage, addressing long-term concerns of water businesses managing traditional standpipes,” says Mr Ellich.

Most utility poles have a lifespan of 35 years, and with a raft of fiscal constraints network operators usually need them to last much longer. Spotless’ non-invasive pole reinstatement system, the patented BRFDTM (band-plate reinforced design) pole reinstatement system, is a low-cost, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable alternative to the expensive and challenging task of replacing damaged or decayed poles. Made solely in Australia, the award-winning, high-quality galvanised steel system extends the life of compromised poles by at least 20 years, with the added advantage of not requiring wood below ground.

Spotless has been quick to respond to the Power of Choice (PoC) reforms coming into effect this year, which give consumers the power to choose how they use electricity.

“Retailers will need to move quickly to adapt their new business models to not only meet their new obligations, but take advantage of the opportunities that PoC represents,” says Mr Ellich.

SAM (Spotless Advanced Metering) resolves several challenges retailers face with an integrated solution. The simple, efficient, and scalable business model provides an end-to-end advanced metering service direct to retailers, which includes meter supply and finance, installation and maintenance servicing, and remote digital services – allowing retailers to focus on their core retail energy business.

Disruption of the digital era is more obvious than ever. Spotless is continuously looking to do things smarter, faster, more efficiently, cost-effectively, and sustainably. Mr Ellich says, “The potential is enormous and investing in the right solutions will create further opportunities for all stakeholders.”

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