TasWater has implemented new active leakage management to combat water loss, using technology that listens for leaks that may not be visible. 

Around 40 Zonescans have been installed across the state, which can listen for leaks within the system and pinpoint them on a map.

Unaccounted for water was identified in the State of the Industry Report as an area in need of improvement, with TasWater implementing this new technology, along with other initiatives to address the issue. 

TasWater Acting Department Manager Asset Strategy and Performance, Matt Jordan, said, “They help us identify leaks, some of which we know about but cannot find.

“This technology also helps us find leaks that aren’t visible and would have previously gone undetected.” 

Leaks usually come to the attention of TasWater through the customers calling and reporting them to the call centre and staff out in the field who come across them, known as reported leaks. 

This technology assists in a more proactive approach to leak detection, not just identifying and resolving reported leaks. 

Mr Jordan said, “The process of active leakage control involves teams of leakage detection staff sweeping an area using sounding techniques to find leaks, this is possible through technology such as the Zonescans.

“If sweeping is carried out frequently, then leaks can be kept at a minimum.

“We are currently targeting areas which have a higher number of leaks and bursts, before we roll out this initiative more broadly.”

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