The role of utilities in the development of the circular economy

The circular economy refers to the transition away from the current linear model of ‘take, make and dispose’ towards one that uses resources efficiently and repurposes what was previously regarded as waste. Here, we explore the role of utilities in moving from business models that prioritise resource drain to ones that value resource gain.

Collaboration key to realising Australia’s hydrogen potential

When renewable energy is used to produce hydrogen, it is a clean fuel with no emissions and has the potential to decarbonise many energy and industrial sectors. Because of this it’s tipped to be a game-changer in the rapidly transforming energy industry, and a global effort is underway to develop hydrogen markets and achieve widespread use.

Water use insights empowering GWMWATER customers

GWMWater has enhanced customer experience with the launch of a Customer Portal – empowering customers with more information about their water supply than ever before. Available on multiple devices, the portal allows customers to view recent and historical water use and set up automatic alerts to notify them of high usage or leaks.

Building the business case for co-located renewables and battery systems

The Gannawarra Energy Storage System is a 25MW/50MWh lithium-ion battery that shares connection infrastructure with the Gannawarra Solar Farm. Edify Energy, with support from EnergyAustralia, recently published a knowledge sharing report covering its first year in operation, and this article delves into some of the learnings from those 12 months.

Speed, power and silence: directional drills with a difference

When it comes to the installation of underground conduit and pipes, equipment performance is a major factor in achieving a successful outcome, especially in urban or built-up environments.
View the Horizontal Directional Drilling Hub

The increasing role of analytics in managing disruption in energy and utilities

Data and analytics can enable the right decisions during times of disruption, such as extreme bushfires or a pandemic. 
This four-part series, Managing Disruption, will examine disruptions faced by the Australian energy and utilities industry – and the role analytics can play in lessening the impact.
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