Crucial research helps keep sewer corrosion at bay

Concrete is the most commonly used material in sewers which can be attributed to its strength, durability and relatively low maintenance costs. However, due to the nature of concrete and the unique sewer atmosphere, corrosion of concrete pipes and associated infrastructure has been widely recognised as a significant challenge for the utility industry.

Digital water metering: the future of water management

Here, we take a look at how smart water meter technology works, and the challenges and areas of opportunity for the water sector.

The road to resiliency: examining the impact of severe events on Australia’s energy grid

Increased extreme events are ravaging Australian communities and placing increased pressure on utility companies to respond with greater network resilience and flexibility.

Blazing the trail: in conversation with Power and Water’s first female CEO

In June 2020, Northern Territory utility, Power and Water, appointed its first female Chief Executive Officer following an extensive recruitment process.

Speed, power and silence: directional drills with a difference

When it comes to the installation of underground conduit and pipes, equipment performance is a major factor in achieving a successful outcome, especially in urban or built-up environments.
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The increasing role of analytics in managing disruption in energy and utilities

Data and analytics can enable the right decisions during times of disruption, such as extreme bushfires or a pandemic. 
This four-part series, Managing Disruption, will examine disruptions faced by the Australian energy and utilities industry – and the role analytics can play in lessening the impact.
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