Aurora Energy has launched a print advertising campaign to raise public awareness about the dangers of fallen powerlines. The campaign coincides with the damaging winds and storm events that occur throughout Tasmania during spring.

Customer Advocacy Officer Jacqui Searson said this was a reaction to concerns about customers placing their lives at risk, as well as the lives of any person in the vicinity, by approaching and attempting to move fallen powerlines before Aurora crews arrive to make the area safe.

“People must always assume fallen powerlines are live, and they should not touch or even approach fallen powerlines under any circumstances. Instead, they should contact Aurora immediately on 132 004 to report the fallen powerlines,” Ms Searson said.

“Aurora recently received information about fallen powerlines near Deloraine being handled and waved around by a member of the public. This behaviour is exceptionally dangerous and could easily have led to the electrocution of the person involved, as well as any other person in the vicinity.

“Landowners attempting to assist clean-up efforts by chain-sawing trees that have come through powerlines should also be aware that this practice is potentially fatal, and that they should await the attendance of an Aurora crew to ensure the lines are safe before undertaking such work.

“Always assume that fallen powerlines are live and capable of killing people. Any object in contact with them could also be live. Even a tree branch can be a potential conductor of electricity if it is in contact with a live powerline.’’


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