Kwik-ZIP HDX-38 spacers were installed to facilitate the slip-lining of 160m of DN900 MSCL (Sintakote) carrier pipe into DN1200 Jacking Pipe for the Northern Road Upgrade (Stage 5) Project in Western Sydney.    

Due to the run length and weight of the pipe, the kwik-ZIP spacer rings were installed at 1m intervals for the first 30m of the pipe, and then at 2m intervals for the remaining 130m.

The project highlights the ability of kwik-ZIP’s HDX range to support carrier pipe installation on low friction wear pads that resist abrasion from the casing pipe surface.  

The weight of the DN900 carrier pipe was 300kg/m during installation and a massive 880 kg/m during hydrostatic testing (prior to grouting). This highlights the HDX spacers exceptional load capabilities.    

Kwik-ZIP’s large range of spacers caters for a wide range of ID/OD combinations as well as providing flexibility to deal with project alterations. 

The HDX’s unique load sharing design maximises the load bearing capacity of each runner and reduces point loading. The simple and efficient installation process does not require any special tools. 

Kwik-ZIP spacers have no metal parts and are made from Kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend that is flexible, extremely tough and has a low coefficient of friction.  

Vincent Roe, Project Engineer – Diona, said, “Due to the overall weight of the carrier pipe and the length of the bore our initial thoughts were that the HDX spacers would be out of their comfort zone, which turned out not to be the case. 

“While loading the carrier pipe we quickly realised how good this product actually was. The carrier pipe was easily pushed the full distance. The spacers performed to a very high standard and Kwik-Zip were always at hand offering technical information and completing site visits.” 

Project fast facts 

Project: Diona – Northern Road Upgrade Stage 5 (Sydney)

Carrier size: DN900 MSCL (Sintakote)

Run length: 160M total – 76m Casing + 8m Pit + 76m Casing

Spacer model: HDX-38 (38mm high)

For further information on kwik-ZIP products and to discuss your specific project requirements please contact [email protected].

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