Evoenergy is working with the ACT Government to complete a quality review of the Solar Feed-in Tariff Scheme data reported to the ACT Government from July 2011 to June 2018.

In 2017, Evoenergy proactively initiated a review of the way it collects and reports Solar Feed-in Tariff data. Its review found that as data was migrated between its systems, additional checks were required to ensure the data was appropriately categorised (small, medium and large-scale generation) and also accurately captured the solar inverter make, model and capacity details.

As a result of its review, Evoenergy completed a data remediation project which included working closely with industry and customers to check and update the accuracy of source data.

As a regulated business, Evoenergy regularly participate in audits conducted by the national and territory regulators, government, as well as independent auditors to ensure the data they report is accurate, reliable and timely.

All identified data issues have been resolved and Evoenergy will ensure no customers are out of pocket as a result of previous data discrepancies.

Evoenergy has stated that it welcomes the ACT Government’s audit into their data remediation project and related administration processes, and look forward to receiving their final report in late 2019.

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